On June 24, 2012 a large tumor was discovered in my good friend, Jonathan Waiter. Shortly there after he was diagnosed with Stage III B, Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. It is quite difficult to see someone so young and so close  become afflicted with such a tormenting disease. Life really takes on a new meaning as one realizes that all that matters in life are the relationships you build with others. 

Jonathan leads what many would consider an exciting life full of creativity, passion, love, and the “je ne sais quoi” that makes life interesting. However, many do not see the many hours Jonathan toils to lead this life. And many more would not trade a life of financial security for the life of an artist. Furthermore, despite the bounty of immaterial blessings Jonathan enjoys on a daily basis, financial security is far from his grasp, and as we all know cancer treatment is one of the most costly and physically painful treatments one can endure. Jonathan needs help. This is the purpose of this website.

A group of Jonathan’s close friends (including Billy Kidd and Heather Huey) have decided to aid Jonathan in raising money by selling prints of his often acclaimed work. We have designed this website and curated a selection of his work for you to enjoy, either just by viewing the images on this site or by purchasing a print. All proceeds will go directly to Jonathan to aid him in treatment and living costs through his fight against cancer.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and we hope you enjoy Jonathan’s work.